BREXIT : welcome to our scottish friends

France-Scotland is the oldest alliance in the world. What is the impact of the Brexit on this alliance ?

France-Scotland : the oldest alliance in the world

The « auld » alliance


An alliance dating back to 1295 (called « auld alliance ») with the treaty signed by John Balliol and Philip IV of France. Some people think diplomatic talks began in 787 between Charlemagne and Achaius.

General De Gaulle described the alliance as « the oldest alliance in the world ».

Dual citizenship


It was not simply a military and diplomatic alliance because it granted dual citizenship in both countries from 1512 to 1903.

Still active


Dr Siobhan Talbot, from the University of Manchester, confirmed in 2011 that it’s still an « active agreement ».

This alliance makes sense economically and legally

What Scotland can provide to France ?


  • A rich country : 30 000 € GDP per capita, higher than France
  • High education level
  • Low unemployment rate : 6%
  • Oil and natural gaz in North Sea
  • 5 millions people

What France can provide to Scotland ?


  • Euro currency
  • A critical size to give access to financial markets and to exist in international relations
  • A respect for cultural identity

What if we give back dual citizenship to scotland   ?

This could change Europe’s map. If Scotland become independant, other countries could do the same.

Carte Europe 2

Blasons dessinés par O. de Chavagnac pour l’Armorial des As