BREXIT : the british secret plan

Written by Pierre Olivier – 2016/06/26

Why did they leave ?


Because the UK an island (Japan is not Asia, Corsica is not the french continent).


Because they have under estimated the gap between London and the rest of the UK.

BUT, they have a plan for the next step

To be the new « big Switzerland », a financial and tax paradise


Because Switzerland will loose bank secrecy in 2017 : american’s data bank account will be communicated to the US (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).
A huge total assets : 1 800 billions euros invested in Switzerland by foreign high net worth clients.


Because the US is in agreement : they share common law and common language with the UK, two key points to make business together.


Because China is in agreement : China is supporting London to weaken the dollar and New York as a financial place. They supported Euro during the 2011 financial crisis for the same reason.

BUT, they can loose everything


Europe can organise a financial place.


Scotland can leave and break up the UK.

Séparation 2

They can widen the gap between London and the rest of the UK.